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各スクールからInvitation Offerの案内が出始めた等のニュースが聞こえ始めています。そうしたニュースを聞くたびごとに、出願者としては自分の場合は?と気になると思います。そうした出願者の心境をいち早く察し、Stanford GSBでは下記のInterview Timelineに関する案内を同校Admission Blogへ掲載しております。

The Stanford MBA Round 2 application deadline just passed (8 January), and we are hard at work preparing applications for review. If you submitted an application, we look forward to learning more about you. If not, we hope you’ll apply in Round 3.

In Round 1, we piloted a new interview process. We compressed the interview timeline to 4 weeks, and notified applicants who were not admitted sooner. This pilot was in response to applicants’ feedback that if the answer is a definite “no,” you’d rather know earlier to save you from spending months obsessively refreshing your email and calculating your odds as well as to give you more time to work on applications for other schools. Since the pilot was successful in Round 1, we will continue with a similar timeline for Round 2. Interview invitations will be issued from 3 February through 4 March only. We will send no invitations before 3 February or after 4 March. We expect to issue the majority of invitations by 25 February.
Waiting is no fun, we know that. Our hope is that having some certainty around the timing of interviews will help make the period before notification day easier.