The Best International Relations Schools

毎年4月に発表されるUS News Rankingが世間では著名な大学院ランキングとして認知されていますが、なかなか、国際関係学分野に焦点を絞ったランキングはお目にかかったことがありません。左記の分野で数少ないランキングの代表格として、以下Foreign Policy サイトに掲載されているランキングを紹介します。

The results of the 2014 Ivory Tower survey—a collaboration between Foreign Policy and the Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP) project at the College of William & Mary—provide an insider’s guide. Responses from 1,615 IR scholars drawn from 1,375 U.S. colleges and universities determined rankings for the leading Ph.D., terminal master’s, and undergraduate programs in IR. (The scholars were asked to list the top five institutions in each category.) The survey also quizzed respondents about recent historical events and future policy challenges: Just how plausible is a U.S. war with China, for example, and who was the most effective secretary of state over the past 50 years? (Hint: Neither Condoleezza Rice nor John Kerry.)

All told, the Ivory Tower survey offers a window into how America’s top IR scholars see the world today—and which institutions are effectively nurturing future generations of thinkers and policymakers.

Top Master’s Programs for Policy Career in International Relations
1. Georgetown University
2. Johns Hopkins University
3. Harvard University
4. Princeton University
5. Columbia University
6. Tufts University
7. George Washington University
8. American University
9. London school of Economics (LSE)
10. Stanford University
11. University of Denver
12. University of Chicago
13. University of California, San Diego
14. University of Oxford
15. Yale University
16. Syracuse University
17. University of California, Berkeley
18. University of Cambridge
19. University of Pittsburgh
20. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
21. Middleburry Institute of International Studies at Monterey
21. Sciences Po-Paris
21. University of Michigan
24. Graduate Institute of International and Dev. Studies
24. New York University
24. Texas A&M University