Dual Degree International MBA & LLM

LL.M.プログラムへの進学を目指す受験生の大多数は渉外事務所に勤務されている弁護士、そして企業法務で国際案件の場で仕事をされている方々といっても過言ではありません。米国LL.M.プログラムの中には、Business Schoolとコラボレーションして互いのプログラムが提供する授業単位を取得できるような作りとなっています。そうした関係者のニーズを汲む大学院プログラムとして、LLM-MBAのDual Degree関連情報をシェアいたします。 上記Degreeを取得するためには、1年目はLL.M.課程の条件を満たし、2年目にMBA課程へと移行します。


Business and Law are now more interconnected than ever. For those business lawyers working in the field of corporate or tax law, it is not only essential to have a solid legal foundation but also to acquire the business acumen which will enable them to grow in their organization, as well as to better understand their clients when getting involved in the legal affairs surrounding their business.

The International MBA + Masters of Laws (LLM) Dual Degree offered by IE is an innovative program meant to provide students with the main management tools needed to work in a complex and global environment and to develop their intellectual leadership and their capacity to actively engage in the design and implementation of Business strategies of their clients, while acquiring a deeper understanding of today’s tax and legal system, which is essential to advance in their professional careers.

Students can choose to combine IE Business School’s top ranked International MBA with one of the prestigious full time LLMs offered by IE Law School: (i) Master en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas (LLM), which is offered only in Spanish; (ii) Master en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas (LLM), also offered only in Spanish; or (iii) LLM in International Business Law, which is only offered in English.

The program will allow you to take a step forward in your professional career since you will acquire excellent analytical skills and receive broad knowledge regarding business, management and strategy, while improving your ability to analyze, develop and implement effective solutions for complex corporate and regulatory problems involving multiple legal systems. The development of all of these abilities promotes expertise and leadership in one’s chosen field.

Graduates from this Dual Degree will be able to face the legal challenges of the competitive business world from the perspective of their clients, and become the deal-maker that companies need for their operations. On the other hand, they will also obtain the skill to lead and manage teams, become more client oriented and understand the functioning and needs of the organization in which they work in, awarding lawyers who course this program an added value in the legal marketplace.