3rd Round

テストスコアや出願書類の進捗状況と向き合いつつ、3月から4月にかけての3rd Roundに向けた準備に余念がない出願者もいらっしゃると思います。そうした受験生に対して伝えていることは、「1stや2nd Rdで出願できなかったことを後悔するよりも、この3rd Rdに向けた最大限の準備にて臨むこと」です。

下記のAdmissions Blog (UCLA Anderson School)では、各ラウンド(1stから3rdまで)に関する独自の考察を紹介しております。

:Perhaps the biggest benefit in applying in Round 3 is that you have the most time to enhance your application profile — the additional time may allow you to get a promotion at work, take on a new project, and/or get involved in more leadership activities, for example. With more time to self-reflect on your goals, the application, and the essay question, applying in Round 3 may give you the advantage of giving you the most amount of time to put together the highest quality application possible for you. If you applied to other programs in earlier rounds, you will likely also be equipped with acceptance information from those schools. You will also have ample time to take (and potentially re-take) the GMAT/GRE and/or TOEFL/IELTS exams.

Cons: Since our class size is capped, fewer applicants are historically admitted in the last round simply due to the availability of spots in the class.  This makes this round the most competitive out of all. While you can still be placed on our waitlist, there are still likely many other individuals from earlier Rounds on our waitlist that you’ll be still compared against.