Application Tips from Michigan (Ross School)

10月に入り2nd Rdに向けた出願準備も本格化してきていますが、Application TipsがMichigan Ross SchoolのAdmissions Blogでも紹介されています。下記Q&Aのやり取りでは、Admissions側が「もっと時間を割いてブラッシュアップして欲しい出願書類」にレジュメを挙げています。自らのプロフィール(職業と教育)の業績内容をハイライト化した書類ですので、アドミッション側に対しても好印象(第一印象)を与える意識を持ちながら作成、見直しを行っていきましょう。そしてResumeコンテンツのActionsについて考えることは大切ですが、それ以上にResultsを的確に伝えるよう工夫していきましょう。

Q: My app is almost ready to go but my GMAT is just below the class average. Should I retake it and apply in Round 2 or submit in Round 1 and take my chances?

A: The best choice is to apply in the round when your application is the best it can be, including the GMAT score. Your application will be reviewed based on the information submitted in that round. A new score may not reach us in time for us to consider it in the round in which you submitted.

Q: For Essay 1 (“What are you most proud of?”), are you looking for a professional or personal story?

A: Either. The story itself isn’t the important part. What we’re “looking for” is why you’re proud of the thing you share with us. We hope that it’s authentic. By that, I mean it should be the answer you’d share with a close friend, not with an “admissions committee.” It should sound like you.

Q: Ross asks for only one rec letter. Other schools ask for two. Can I submit another one (since I have it anyway and the other letter makes me sound really good)?

A: No. We only want one letter. If you have two great ones, good for you! But we still only want one, preferably from your current direct supervisor. If you can’t ask your current supervisor, ask the one just prior to the current one, and be sure to briefly explain why you didn’t ask your current supervisor.

Q: If I’m invited to interview, should I do the Team Exercise?

A: Yes, if possible, because in addition to having a chance to demonstrate your communication and interpersonal skills (which we, and our recruiters, highly value), it will be a great way for you to evaluate our fit with you. If you come to campus for your interview, the experience will be more than just a one-on-one interview and the Team Exercise. You’ll meet potential classmates (even potential roommates), attend a class or conference with current MBAs, meet folks affiliated with our Centers and Institutes, and engage in an optional post-interview Q&A session with the AdComm and students.

Q: What is the one thing that you wish applicants would spend more time on?

A: The resume! Applicants think the essay is the part they have the most control over and can best distinguish themselves through. But the resume is a key differentiator too. It’s the first thing we look at when we open an app, so it’s the “first-impression-maker.” It’s your opportunity to tell us where you’ve been, what you’ve accomplished, how you’ve made an impact and what you’re interested in (yes, we like the “Additional” or “Interests” section at the bottom). We look at it through the lens of, “How clearly and effectively does this candidate present him/herself?