【LL.M. 2017年秋入学用出願締め切り日】 Columbia

本日はColumbia University Law School (LL.M.)の締切日等を共有させていただきます。

Columbiaに限らず、Early Round vs Regular Roundにて悩むところではあるものと察します。既に出願用スコアが整っている方であれば問題ありませんが、特に現状スコアが100-104のレンジにある方は、その出願タイミングにても悩まれているのではないでしょうか。テストの受験時期(と残りの回数)、出願書類(レジュメ、エッセイ、推薦状)等の準備事情も踏まえた上で、最適なタイミングで出願してください。

◆ Early Review Program

All application materials, including supporting documents and TOEFL scores, must be submitted and fully processed and considered complete by Columbia by November 1, 2016. If your application is not complete by November 1, 2016 (including your full CAS report), we will automatically defer your application for consideration as part of the regular admission cycle.

We will provide a decision for early applicants by the end of December. Applicants will be admitted, rejected, or deferred to the regular admission cycle. If you are admitted through the Early Review Program, you will not be required to withdraw your applications to other LL.M. programs.

Regular Application Deadline

The Columbia online application through LSAC must be submitted by December 15, 2016 and all supporting documents for the CAS report must be postmarked to LSAC by December 15.

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis, in most cases no later than late April. Rolling admissions means that we evaluate applications randomly; the date you submitted your application often has no bearing on when you will receive a decision. Some candidates will have a decision in early January, others in late April. If you have not yet received a decision, it most likely means that the Committee simply has not yet reviewed your application (so you should not worry!). We strive to give every candidate an answer by the end of April.