【MBA 2017年秋入学用出願締め切り日】 Stanford (MSx Program)

Stanford GSB MSx Program の締切日が発表されました。

◆Round 1
・Deadline: September 21 2016
Decision Notification : December, 2016

◆Round 2
・Deadline: January 10, 2017
・Decision Notification : March, 2017

◆Round 3
・Deadline: March 15, 2017
・Decision Notification: April, 2017

Though you may apply in any one of the three application rounds each year, we suggest you apply only when you feel your application is as strong as it can be. Once you have submitted a complete application, the Stanford MSx Program will review and evaluate it on its own merits and in the context of the broad applicant pool. We will inform you of our admissions decision by email as soon as we can.