【LL.M. Application Deadlines for Fall 2015】: Virginia

University of Virginia, LL.M.プログラムの出願締切日になります。

Applications, including all supporting materials, must be received by Feb. 1. Applications that are not complete on this date will be reviewed on a space-available basis at the discretion of the Graduate Committee. Applicants are notified by email when their applications are complete.


一見すると見過ごしてしまいますが、上記URL上の1. Application Form欄に以下の記述があります。
Applicants should carefully outline and discuss their reasons for pursuing graduate work, including a statement of future professional plans. Applicants should also describe their principal areas of academic interest, with as much specificity as possible.

future professional plansとありますので、LL.M.取得後のShort-term goalのみならず、Long-term goalの記述も忘れることなく対処していきたいですね。

Applicants who have completed their law degree more than five years ago should solicit a letter from a current or former employer in addition to one from a former teacher. The committee recognizes that a letter from a former teacher may not be practical in the case of an applicant who has been out of school for some time, in which case the second letter may be from an employer or colleague who is in a position to comment upon the candidate’s qualifications. Letters from family members, friends or people who are not well acquainted with the applicant are not helpful and should not be submitted. 友人やご家族から推薦状をもらうことはまず考え難いですが、推薦状の人選に関する相談も受けますので、念のために注意を喚起する次第です。

If a recommender is unable to write the letter of recommendation on letterhead, please ask him/her to explain why. Emailed recommendations are not accepted, except from Virginia alumni.また左記に見られるような特別措置も存在するため、この場を借りて念のために共有させていただきます。