【LL.M. Application Deadlines for Fall 2015】: UCLA

UCLA LL.Mプログラムの締め切り日になります。

Please submit your application and supporting documents (items 1-5 in the section below) to LSAC no later than February 15.

■ Items 1-5
1. Current Résumé or Curriculum Vitae
2. Personal Statement
3. Official Transcripts
4. Two to Four Letters of Recommendation
5. Official TOEFL Score

◆ Personal Statement:
An important aspect of the application is the personal statement, in which applicants describe their objectives in pursuing graduate legal studies at UCLA School of Law. Discuss any matters relevant to your ability to succeed in law school and the practice of law, and any attributes, experiences, or interests that would enable you to make a distinctive contribution to UCLA and the legal profession. The personal statement should be typed double-spaced in 12-point font, and should not exceed three pages in length. When completing your online application through LSAC, please follow the instructions to attach an electronic copy of your personal statement to your application.

上記インストラクション文面をハイライトしましたが、Personal Statemtnにて問われている内容、そして行間(同スクールはdoubel-spaced)、Personal Statment自体の長さ(分量)、そして文字の大きさは12と指定されています。各校のインストラクション内容もしっかりと確認しておきましょう。