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【MBA 2017年秋入学用出願締め切り日】 Cornell (Johnson)

Cornell Johnson Schoolの締切日が発表されました。

◆Round 1
・Deadline: October 5 2016
・Notification: November 15, 2016

◆Round 2
・Deadline: November 15, 2017
・Notification: January 10, 2017

◆Round 3
・Deadline: January10, 2017
・Notification: March 15, 2017

◆Round 4
・Deadline: March15, 2017
・Notification: April 5, 2017

After Round 4, applications will be received and reviewed on a space available basis.
Application Deadline: Applications should be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

MBA インタビュー対策

二月に入り、メールアカウントにInterview Invitationの案内が届いている方々も多いのではないでしょうか。面接対策を本格化させていくうえで、Cornell Johnson SchoolのAdmissions Blog上の”Five tips on how to ace the in person MBA interview”記事を引用させていただきます。


  1. Always be on time, no matter what.  So plan ahead when it comes to allotting time to leave for traffic and logistics. Make sure that you know the location of the interview, where to park and always leave extra time in case there are delays. If you are running behind, let your interviewer know as soon as possible.   If interviewing on campus, previous candidates recommend that you arrive in Sage Hall early to soak up some of the energy in the Atrium prior to your interview.
  2. Dress professionally. You’ve heard it before but first impressions are key. Your dress for MBA interviews is business professional which means suit and ties for men and suits, for women, a pantsuit, a skirt and jacket combination or a structured (and modest) dress.  You may be wearing a great outfit, but remember to take the time to groom your hair and accessorize appropriately as well.
  3. Be Prepared. Take time to review possible questions that you may be asked and review your resume to jog your memory. Students can often find sample questions online. I always recommend doing an internet search for “Johnson interview questions”  or “MBA interview questions” and you will find sample questions  to help you prepare.  Practice interviewing with another MBA candidate or a colleague who has earned an MBA – they can give you valuable feedback that can help you strengthen your interview skills.
  4. Know your goals. Reread your goals essay so that you can articulate well about major points you would like to make.  Make sure you can explain why you want to earn an MBA and why the school you have applied to can help you achieve your goals.  If you want to transition into a new career, have some examples of transferable skills that make the career transition possible.  Remember to stick with specifics and stay on point.
  5. Pick three examples of  your achievements or leadership to highlight during the interview The examples should not be a rehash of your essay.   Remember that giving specific examples and anecdotes will be an advantage and help tell the story of who you are.  Try to pull recent examples of leadership or accomplishments, if your example is more than 3 years old, it’s not relevant.


【MBA 2016年秋入学用 エッセイ課題】: Cornell (Johnson)


You are the author for the book of Your Life Story. In 500 words or less, please create the table of contents for the book in the space provided or upload it as an attachment. We value creativity and authenticity and encourage you to approach this essay with your unique style. Alternative submission formats may include a slide presentation, links to pre-existing media (personal website, digital portfolio, YouTube etc.), as well as visually enhanced written submissions.

What are your short and long term goals and how do you see the Cornell MBA enabling you to achieve both? Please limit your response to 500 words or less.

Complete this essay if you would like to add additional details regarding your candidacy. For instance, if you believe one or more aspects of your application (e.g., undergraduate record or test scores) do not accurately reflect your potential for success at the Johnson School. If you are reapplying for admission, please use this essay to indicate how you have strengthened your application since the last time you applied. (500 words)

【MBA2016年秋入学用出願締め切り日】 Cornell (Johnson)

Johnson Schoolの出願締め切り日が発表されました。

・Round 1: October 1, 2015
Initial Notification: December 15, 2015

・Round 2: November 17, 2015
Initial Notification: February 15, 2016

・Round 3: January 15, 2016
Initial Notification: March 15, 2016

・Round 4: March 17, 2016**
**Applications will be received and reviewed on a rolling basis.

Application Deadlines: Applications need to be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Initial Notification Date: You will receive one of three initial notifications: invitation to interview, waitlist offer without interview or denial of admission.


新カリキュラム:Johnson at Cornell University


New curriculum prepares students in two-year MBA program to lead, with emphasis on critical thinking, targeted leadership skills, and data analysis and modeling


Modeling and Decision Analysis: An enhanced required course, Data Analytics and Modeling, takes students beyond statistics, to data modeling and Big Data techniques and strategies. Modeling is woven into other courses to help students develop the analytical skills needed in all areas of business.

Personal and Leadership Skills: Every Johnson student progresses through a targeted curriculum in leadership consisting of the proprietary Johnson 360° Leadership Assessment, coursework, case exercises, teamwork, hands-on leadership experience, coaching, and customized programming. The personalized program begins in the pre-term, with individual assessment and feedback, and continues through the first year, with the Leading Teams Practicum, and second year with Principled Leadership. Marquee leadership instructors teach intensives on leadership topics. These classes are enriched with a menu of Leadership Skills workshops and Leadership Expeditions that span the entire program.

Integrative and Critical Thinking Skills: In their first semester of MBA study, students learn and practice critical thinking skills, with a focus on analyzing, integrating, and synthesizing information for optimal decision making, in the face of challenges, such as incomplete, inaccurate, or ambiguous information.


The Art of Innovation: A Design Thinking Immersion and Making Design Thinking Work. These hands-on courses prepare MBAs to be future innovators by teaching them the human-centered design methodology known as Design Thinking.

Core Leadership Skills for a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) World, with retired U.S. Army General George Casey. This course builds on the skills acquired in earlier components of the leadership program, through discussion and interaction with an experienced practitioner and former leader of the United States Army.

Johnson’s FinTech Trek and Hackathon. Students convene at Cornell Tech in New York City to learn about disruptive technologies facing the financial industry and develop relevant solutions. The experience culminates in a hackathon, in which participants have about 24 hours to develop financial products or services that meet a real business need. Similar classes are planned, each focusing on a different industry.

Our new curriculum reflects the findings of the curriculum review, as well as industry and research trends in leadership, collaborative teamwork, and data analytics,” said Vishal Gaur, associate dean for MBA programs. “We’re carrying forward innovation in required courses to elective offerings, as well, exposing students to fresh ideas and creative, team-oriented problem solving approaches.”

こうしたコメントを読み込む作業も、その学校の校風を理解していく上での手段となります。カリキュラム変更という動きが、来シーズンにおけるApplication Essay QuestionsやAdmissions側の審査方針へどういった影響を与えていくことになるでしょうか。

【MBA 2015年入学用出願締切日】 Cornell (Johnson)

Cornell (Johnson School)にて出願締切日が発表となりました。

◆Round 1
・Deadline: October 1, 2014
・Notification: December 17, 2014

◆Round 2
・Deadline: January 7, 2015
・Notification: March 25, 2015

◆Round 3
・Deadline: March 11, 2015
・Notification: May 13, 2015

Application Deadlines: Applications need to be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

【新カリキュラム】:Cornell (Johnson)

Cornell University, Johnson Schoolにて新カリキュラムの導入(必修科目群)が発表されました。

The new core will place a stronger emphasis on leadership, modeling and analytics, and the timing of the courses will be adjusted to take into consideration today’s more intense recruiting environment.
The new core curriculum seeks to address each of these issues. The most important change is to the way Johnson teaches leadership, which the new core will address in a more systematic fashion. There is now a consistent “two year picture” to leadership development, with Leading Teams in August prior to the first year, Critical and Strategic Thinking in the second half of Fall semester, and Principled Leadership in the first half of Fall in each student’s second year at Johnson. The combination of these three courses will replace Managing and Leading Organizations, which is now taught in the second half of the Spring semester in the first year.

Modeling was addressed by revamping Statistics to become Data Analytics and Modeling (though the name of this course may change). This course will be led by Professor Bill Schmidt, and will emphasize the modeling skills that alumni and recruiters have consistently said is in high demand.

Core Curriculumは、各スクールがMBA教育を提供する上での根幹部分として提供しています。「どのスクールも対して変わらないのでは?」と思われる前に、各校のカリキュラム内容を比較してみましょう。各校の教育方針に対する理解が一層のこと深まるのではないでしょうか。

【Essay Questions for Fall 2014】: Cornell (Johnson)

We chose to change our essays this year because after careful review of successful candidates, we found there are three main elements they addressed very well:
1) understood their value proposition because they knew how to answer difficult questions about their true intentions and understood what they look forward to in joining b-school,
2) we really like people that have made things happen for them showing they are self-driven and motivated and
3) those with focus and confidence in their career self-efficacy.


Essay #1 “Who you are”

We continue to ask the “chapter headings” essay because we really enjoy reading it and get great information about you that we cannot get anywhere else in the process, even the interview.

Ø  You are the author for the book of Your Life Story.  In 300 words or less please write the table of contents for the book.  Note: approach this essay with your unique style. We value creativity and authenticity.

Essay #2 “Who you turn out to be” 

Instructions:  Please answer the following three questions in abbreviated format. (Keep each answer in 150 words or less)

Ø  When did you decide that business school was the next step for you? (Was this an epiphany or an evolutionary process?  What was the catalyst that caused you to consider this next step?)

Ø  Johnson values people that make things happen for themselves.  Give an example of how you have initiated this for yourself.

Ø  Please describe your immediate post MBA career goals.

【Application Deadlines for Fall 2014】: Cornell (Johnson)

今年からアドミッションサイクルを3ラウンド制へ変えてきました。Berkeley (Haas)でも同様の動きが観られています。

・Round 1:2013年10月2日

・Round 2:2013年12月4日

・Round 3:2014年2月12日


Johnson will be changing the essay portion this year by requiring applicants to submit a candidate profile (more information to come). All applicants will still have the option to submit the “chapter headings to your life story” and of course, we always provide the option for you to submit anything you would like to share that may need explaining in free text.