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Columbia Business Schoolの学部長が、MBAランキングに対する自らの考えをシェアしています。

It’s just as important, however, to know what happens to students when they leave school—the outputs. If the job market deems the students to have received a valuable education, they will receive good job offers. That should hardly come as a surprise—employers want the best employees they can get. Schools that routinely graduate classes at full or near-full employment, with good job satisfaction, have reason to believe they’re receiving a vote of confidence from the market. Rankings that provide data on job offers, salary levels, and other “value added” criteria are providing another critical piece of the puzzle.

Put these pieces together, then, and the picture that emerges might be shocking to some. There are, in fact, top business schools—consistently so—and there is a quantitative way to differentiate them from the rest. The handful of business schools that dominate the upper tiers of today’s rankings no doubt see the input and output numbers you would expect. And because they do, they enjoy the cascading effects of being a top business school, like the programmatic adaptability that comes with financial health, and the ability to build or maintain an extraordinary faculty.

So all rankings of business schools, at least in part, reflect an on-the-ground reality—if they are taking into consideration the inputs and outputs that are key data points. Admittedly, the aggregate difference between schools in the top five or 10 can be slight. However, being ranked #1 versus #10 can significantly impact the perspective of the marketplace. It’s up to each school and each prospective applicant to discern the signal from the noise and act accordingly.

That means that, while rankings matter, if you are thinking about applying to business school, the question is whether the rankings matter for you.

Plenty of people apply to a school because it has reached the summit of a “best-of” ranking, just as many people will see a movie or buy a book after it wins an award. That’s human nature. We want to experience the best. But if you are looking for a particular type of career—as an entrepreneur or a leader in social enterprise, for example—or you know that location will be important for your future job prospects, some schools will meet your needs better than others. In which case, your needs should trump the seal of approval of any publication. You owe it to yourself to do your homework on a school’s academic curriculum, career management efforts, alumni network, and ability to put you in front of leaders who are shaping business today.

In the end, though, finding the top business school for you doesn’t have to be a guessing game. The information needed to identify the best schools is out there, and if you ask this dean, that’s the real business of business school rankings.



2016 US News Best Graduate Schools Rankings <3月10日発表予定>

はや2月も終わりを告げようとしておりますが、来月10日(火)には2016 US News Best Graduate Schools Rankingの発表が決まりました。あくまでも、ランキングは出願校調査や選択作業における指標の1つとは言え、出願を検討中、もしくは予定している大学の評価は気になるところですね。

As part of the 2016 Best Graduate Schools rankings, U.S. News will also rank master’s programs in nursing based on both statistical and reputational data for the first time. In addition, schools will be ranked in 10 nursing specialties based on reputation only. Going forward, U.S. News plans to produce rankings of graduate nursing programs annually.

Detailed statistical data collected about each nursing school will be displayed on searchable directory pages on usnews.com, as well as in the “Best Graduate Schools 2016” print guidebook, on sale at newsstands on April 7.

The 2016 rankings will also include various specialties in business, law, education, engineering and medicine, as well as part-time MBA and part-time law programs.

U.S. News will publish new rankings based on peer assessment only for five selected graduate areas in health, which were last updated in 2011. The disciplines that were surveyed and will be ranked are health care management, physician assistant, public health, rehabilitation counseling and veterinary medicine.

Rankings of doctoral programs in the sciences and the social sciences and humanities, master’s degree programs in public affairs, fine arts and library and information studies, and other graduate programs in health will continue to be available on the site. These rankings are based on earlier published surveys and are labeled with the year that they were originally published.

Explanations of the full Best Graduate Schools ranking methodologies and data used to create all the rankings will also be available March 10.

Extended specialty rankings and complete school data will only be available through the subscription-based U.S. News Graduate School Compass, which will offer the most comprehensive information.

U.S. News encourages students to use the Best Graduate Schools rankings as a tool to help choose the right program, not as the sole factor driving their final choice.

Prospective graduate students can use the statistical data that schools report to U.S. News to compare factors such as acceptance rates; scores on the GRE, LSAT, MCAT and GMAT; student-faculty ratios; and job placement success upon graduation.

Along with these concrete measures, other factors to consider include a school’s course offerings and department culture, a student’s total cost to obtain the degree, the advising or mentoring a student can expect to receive and the school’s location and campus life.

The rankings should be a supplement for careful decision-making, not a substitute.

2015 Global MBA Ranking (フィナンシャルタイムズ版)

先週にはFinnacial TimesによるMBA Rankingが発表されました。トップは前回と同じくHarvardになりました。

1. Harvard Business School
2. London Business School
3. Univ. of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
4. Stanford Univ.
6. Columbia
8. MIT
9. Univ. of Chicago
10. Univ. of California, Berkeley
12. IE
13. Univ. of Cambridge
14. Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology
15. Northwestern Univ. (Kellogg)
16. HEC-Paris
17. Yale
18. New York Univ.
20. IMD

Harvard alumni cite the impact of the school’s reputation. “Harvard Business School has opened a lot of doors and made people almost irrationally willing to hire me,” wrote one graduate. Graduates can also rely on a large and active network. “Alumni are incredibly generous with their time,” said another graduate. “Everyone will meet you for a coffee to share insights, advice and introductions.”

The ranking is based on surveys of the business schools and their graduates of 2011. MBA programmes are assessed according to the career progression of alumni, the school’s idea generation and the diversity of students and faculty.

【GMAT Scoreと入学審査】





 そうした中で、今月には2015 US News Ranking が発表されました。