【MBA 2015年入学用出願締切日】 UCLA (Anderson)

UCLA (Anderson School)で出願締切日が発表されました。

◆1st Round
Deadline : October 22, 2014
Notification : January 28, 2015

◆2nd Round
Deadline: January 7, 2015
Notification : April 2, 2015

◆3rd Round
Deadline: April 15, 2015
Notification : June 3, 2015

•Rounds 1 and 2 are comparable in competitiveness.
•There is no difference in applying early or late within a given Round.
•Round 3 becomes more competitive as seats in the class fill up, and we look for distinctive profiles to round out the student mix.
•Round 3 admits include strong candidates from around the world, and getting a student visa in time for fall enrollment is easy.
•Earlier admits enjoy greater availability of fellowships, housing and networking events, so you should apply as soon as your candidacy looks strong.