【Essay Questions for January 2015】: LBS (Sloan Masters in Leadership & Strategy)

LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategyプログラムのエッセイ課題になります。スクール側の意図を理解するためにも、課題に続くInstructionパートもご一読ください。

  1. How will the Sloan Leadership and Strategy degree enhance your immediate and ultimate professional and personal objectives:  (500 words)
  2. Describe the hardest professional decision you have made and its impact on the situation, any teams involved and on yourself (500 words)
  3. Drawing on your experience in your function and/or sector please give your opinion on question (a) or b) (300 words)a) Will increasing regulation really mitigate risk? Do you think that this is desirable?b) What do you see as the key issues for the next 5 years in your sector and/or region?
  4. Optional Statement: What question would you most like to be asked, and why? (200 words max)

Instructions: The Admissions Committee will consider your answers to these questions as part of the admissions process.  The first two questions are designed to highlight your achievements, objectives and experience as a decision maker. The third question gives two options designed to draw upon your breadth and depth of experience, which adds value to the class. The final statement is optional – please use this to showcase any other professional or personal information to support your candidacy.