【LL.M. 2018年入学用出願締め切り日】 Columbia University

Columbia LL.M.プログラムの締切日も発表されました。

Applicants for admission to our 2018-2019 LL.M. Program, except those who are in the final year of their first law degree and reapplicants who were not granted admission, have the option of applying through the Early Review Program. The advantage of applying early is that you will most likely have a decision by late December. We encourage early applications from those who feel they have compiled their strongest possible application by November 1, 2017. To be considered under the Early Review Program, you must:

Submit your online application by the early review deadline;

Submit your transcripts, TOEFL scores, and letters of recommendation to LSAC one week in advance of the November 1 deadline so that they have time to process your full CAS report and forward it to us during the Early Review period; and

Specify that you wish to be considered for early review by answering “yes” to the Early Review question in the “Application Deadlines” section of this application.

If you do not meet the above criteria, including taking the TOEFL test by November 1, 2017, we will automatically defer your application for consideration as part of the regular admission cycle.

We will provide a decision for early applicants by the end of December. Applicants will be admitted, rejected, or deferred to the regular admission cycle. If you are admitted through the Early Review Program, you will not be required to withdraw your applications to other LL.M. programs. Admitted candidates will be required to notify us by April 2, 2018 of their intention to matriculate.

Regular Application Deadline

早期出願締め切り日(11月1日)に間に合わなかったとしても、その後は12月19日までRolling Admissions形式で審査は行われます。11月2日以降でどれだけ早いタイミングで出願できるかをも考えながら、9月以降の出願プランを再確認していきましょう。

The Columbia online application, available through LSAC, and all application materials for the CAS Report, including supporting documents, transcripts, and letters of recommendation, must be postmarked to LSAC by December 19, 2017. Applicants who are required to submit a TOEFL score (see our Application Components page for more information) must take the test no later than December 19, 2017 in order to be considered for admission for the 2018-2019 LL.M. Program.

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis, in most cases no later than late April. Rolling admissions means that we evaluate applications randomly; the date you submitted your application often has no bearing on when you will receive a decision. Some candidates will have a decision in early January, others in late April. (If you submit your application well before the December 19 deadline, for example, you will not necessarily have an earlier decision.) If you have not yet received a decision, it most likely means that the Committee simply has not yet reviewed your application (so you should not worry!). We strive to give every candidate a decision by the end of April.