【LL.M. 2017年秋入学用出願締め切り日】 Harvard

Harvard Law School よりLL.M. programに関する出願締め切り日が発表されました。http://hls.harvard.edu/dept/graduate-program/llm-application-deadlines-and-materials/

The application for the LL.M. class beginning in August 2017 will open in September 2016.  The application deadline for the LL.M. class beginning in August 2017 will be December 1, 2016, at 11:59 p.m., U.S. Eastern time.

In addition to submitting the online LL.M. application by the deadline, applicants must make sure that any other required documents (e.g., transcripts, TOEFL results) are sent out in time for delivery to our office on or before the deadline. Please note that the application deadline will be strictly observed. It is your responsibility to make certain that all required materials reach the Graduate Program office by the deadline.