【MBA2016年秋入学用出願締め切り日】 Duke (Fuqua)

Duke (Fuqua)の出願締め切り日が発表されました。

◆ Round 1 (Early Action)
・Application due: September 15, 2015
・Decision notification: October 26, 2015

◆ Round 1
・Application due: October 14, 2015
・Decision notification: December 17, 2015

◆Round 2
・Application due: January 5, 2016
・Decision notification: March 15, 2016

◆Round 3
・Application due: March 22, 2016
・Decision notification: May 6

International MBA Applicants
Visa processing can take up to several months to complete, so it is in your best interest to apply in the Early Action Round, Round 1, or Round 2 if you require a visa.

Early Action Round

The Early Action Round is ideal if you have decided that the Daytime MBA is the best program for you.

  • Applicants commit to a binding agreement to attend Fuqua if admitted.
  • Any applications submitted to other schools must be withdrawn upon an offer of admission from Fuqua.
  • Scholarships are awarded according to the same guidelines in the Early Action Round as they are offered in Rounds 1 and 2; however, due to the binding nature of the Early Action Round you are required to attend with or without a scholarship award.
  • Regardless of your citizenship, all Early Action applicants residing in the U.S. (except on the West Coast) are required to travel to Durham to interview during the Open Interview Period.
    • If you live on the West Coast or outside of the U.S., you may interview in Durham during the Open Interview Period, but it is not a requirement. If you do not travel to Durham during the Open Interview period, you must await an invitation to interview at a location closer to you.