【MBA2016年秋入学用出願締め切り日】 Harvard


◆Round 1
Deadline: September 9, 2015
Notification : December  2015

◆Round 2
Deadline: January 6, 2016
Notification: March 2016

◆Round 3
Deadline: April 4, 2016
Notification: May 2016

Applications received after 12 noon on September 9, 2015 will be considered in Round 2. Applications received after 12 noon on January 6, 2016 will be considered in Round 3. Applications received after 12 noon on April 4, 2016 will not be considered.

When Should I Apply?

To avoid overwhelming server traffic generated by the high volume of applications we receive, candidates are encouraged to submit their application as early as possible prior to the deadline of each round. We encourage applicants to apply in the first or second round, as space in the class may be limited by the third round. In addition, applying in the earlier rounds will give candidates more time to address the following issues:

•International candidates needing visas will find that applying in Round 3 makes the timing of their visa application stressful.

•International candidates admitted in Rounds 1 and 2 find that it’s helpful to have the additional time to work on English proficiency.