New Sports Law Program : Columbia University & ISDE

スペインの Instituto Superior de Derecho y EconomiaとアメリカのColumbia Universityが、スポーツ法とスポーツ・マネジメントに特化した新たな共同学位を発表しました。また、欧米の両地域にてインターンシップなどの実 務経験や関係者との交流など、ダイナミックな大学院課程プログラムになることが予想されます。

ISDE and Columbia University proudly announce the launch of a new Companion Degree Program for internationally oriented sports industry professionals.

Qualified students can now earn two professional degrees – Columbia’s market-leading Master of Science (MS) in Sports Management, and ISDE’s innovative Master of Laws (LLM) in Global Sports Law – over the course of 12 months of intensive classroom study in New York City, and another four months of hands-on internship experience with a leading sports organization in the United States, Europe or elsewhere. (Longer internships may, in some cases, be possible with the agreement of the student and host organization.)

Columbia/ISDE Companion Degree students enjoy the same academic and administrative benefits as all other full-time Columbia students. At the same time, they also benefit from the special academic content and proven placement services offered by ISDE’s Financial Times-ranked LLM programs in sports law and other disciplines.

The Columbia/ISDE Companion Degree Program is open to highly motivated professionals with a law degree from their home country or other jurisdiction.