【MBA 2015年入学用出願締切日】 IESE

IESE (University of Navarra)にて出願締め切り日が発表されました。

◆Round 1
・Deadline: October 7, 2014
・Assessment Day: Novermber 14, 2014
・Notification: December 12, 2014

◆Round 2
・Deadline: January 13, 2014
・Assessment Day: March 7, 2015
・Notification: March 27, 2015

◆Round 3
・Deadline: March 3, 2015
・Assessment Day: April 25, 2015
・Notification: May 8, 2015

◆Round 4
・Deadline: May 19, 2015
・Assessment Day: June 20, 2015
・Notification: July 3, 2015

The Assessment Day is designed to gain more information about candidates and typically consists of a group of candidates spending an entire day with the Admissions Team. Although it is not a mandatory step in the admissions process participation is highly recommended. The objective of the Assessment Day is to get to know candidates better through their interactions with each other and with the Admissions Team.

Candidates that attend will receive their admissions decision within one week of the event.